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Guide to caring for a vase

Porcelain Delicate Elegance

Regular cleaning for everlasting shine

Porcelain vases require regular cleaning. Use a soft cloth to gently remove dust.

To preserve their shine, avoid abrasive sponges and cleaners that could strip the delicate porcelain.

Gentle and frequent cleaning is the key to preserving the subtle shine of these collectibles.

Frailty Precautions

Due to the delicate nature of porcelain, avoid impact.

Place them on soft surfaces and use protective foams to prevent scratches.

If you stock them

ez in a cupboard, consider using bubble wrap or foam to avoid impacts.

Robust and refined ceramics

Gentle wash to maintain sturdiness

Ceramic vases require washing in lukewarm water with a mild detergent.

Be sure to dry it meticulously to avoid water stains.

Regular polishing to restore shine

In case of light scratches, gentle polishing with a suitable product will restore its original shine.

Pay attention to details for optimal results.

Glass, sparkling transparency

Gentle blend to preserve clarity

Glass vases require particular vigilance. Use a mixture of warm water and white vinegar to preserve their shine.

Watch out for scratches

Avoid rough cloths which may scratch and dull the glass surface.

For delicate details, such as reliefs, a soft-bristled brush ( tip: a used toothbrush ) is essential.

These simple actions will prolong its shine and transparency.

Resin, artistic durability

Gentle cleaning to preserve Art

Resin vases require gentle cleaning with a damp cloth to remove residual dust.

For intricate artistic details, use a soft brush to ensure perfect cleanliness.

Avoid prolonged stay in the sun

Protect them from prolonged exposure to the sun to avoid discoloration.

Careful maintenance guarantees the durability of these unique pieces.

Bamboo, an authentic nature

Preserve the authenticity of nature

Bamboo vases call for respectful care.

First, use a cold air hair dryer, preferably to remove as much dust as possible.

Then clean them with a damp cloth to remove any remaining dust and dirt.

Make sure they stay dry and avoid excessive humidity to prevent any mold problems.

Light polishing to nourish the material

A light polish with linseed oil nourishes the bamboo, preserving its natural color.

This way, the organic authenticity of your bamboo vases will flourish.

Rattan natural lightness

Delicacy in all lightness

Rattan vases deserve a special delicacy.

Use a soft brush to preserve their unique texture.

Moisture protection

Avoid prolonged exposure to humidity to maintain their shape.

These gestures preserve the aerial beauty of each model.

Bronze with an antique shine

Polishing to maintain shine

Bronze vases require respectful polishing.

With a soft, dry cloth remove all traces of dust, then use a special paste to preserve their patina.

Oxidation prevention

Protect them from humidity to avoid the appearance of corrosion called verdigris.

If you are faced with this oxidation, a cloth soaked in white vinegar will be enough to remove it.

Iron solidity and eternity

Corrosion protection

Iron vases require special attention against corrosion, protect them from humidity.

And, opt for applying a protective layer, such as a wax specially designed for metals.

Regular cleaning for maximum longevity

Periodic cleaning with a soft cloth removes dust and prevents oxidation.

This careful care ensures that your vase maintains its refined look without compromising its natural beauty.

Zinc, pure elegance

Gentle cleansing to preserve shine

Zinc vases require gentle cleaning to preserve their shine.

Use a mild solution, such as a mixture of warm water and mild soap, applied with a microfiber cloth.

Stain prevention

Avoid corrosive substances, such as harsh cleaners or abrasive chemicals, which could alter the zinc finish and cause staining.

Instead, opt for pH-neutral cleaners to maintain the pure elegance of your vase.

As a bonus 🎁 some additional tips for using your vases:

  • Change the water every two days
  • Do not fill them completely (5 to 10 cm of water is enough for your freshly cut floral arrangements)
  • Do not let water stagnate inside
  • Dry them well before storing them

In conclusion, we emphasize the importance of taking a thoughtful and caring approach to preserving the splendor of these exquisite pieces.

Whether they are crafted with delicacy, robustness, transparency or authenticity, each vase requires meticulous attention.

By integrating these maintenance practices into your routine, you ensure the artistic and aesthetic sustainability of your collection.

The use of specific products, regular cleaning and prevention against harmful elements helps to preserve the integrity of each vase, making these objects timeless witnesses of artistic excellence.

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