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Vase transparent décorer avec du sable

How to Decorate a Transparent Vase with Sand?

Vases are generally decorated during their design in order to enhance their contents or themselves, so they become decorative objects in their own right.

Some vases are plain or transparent, which allows each person to implement their own creativity.

Discover the Five Ideas (and more), to help you decorate transparent vases of different sizes with sand and complementary accessories.

You will be able to obtain a unique vase that brings a touch of originality to any space!

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With a transparent vase and sand, you will create a unique, original and unusual decoration. So, it will be possible to decorate table centers, enhance your living space, or offer personalized gifts.

It should be noted that this type of decoration is accessible to everyone and it does not fail to bring charm and elegance.

Presentation set of vases to decorate with sand
Presentation decorative sand pebble pebbles and branches
    1. Colored sand to decorate an original transparent vase

      Do you want to make a decorative object for your home yourself, letting your creativity speak and assert itself?

      Well, it's totally doable because decorations made with sand are not expensive, they are fun to make and you will have the pride of displaying your creations.

      You will need the following materials:

      • Multicolored sand after carefully opting for a palette with a precise number of colors and respecting it during creation.
      • A funnel or you can make it yourself with a sheet of paper.
      • A long handled paintbrush to allow you to drag the sand to create different waves and patterns.

      With this first idea, you can create either a natural or whimsical style. By opting for two colors of white and brown sand, you will superimpose the layers of sand, giving them thicknesses of the same or different value.

      This is possible thanks to your funnel which serves as a guide for depositing the sand in the desired location. This set creates a simple , discreet but above all natural decoration.

      By choosing colored sand, you will bring a joyful and festive effect to all occasions. You will then be able to associate the desired colors with the event.

      For example :

      - White, purple and pink for a birthday
      - Green, white and red for a Christmas decoration.

      It is very important to choose your color combinations carefully in order to provide a pretty decoration full of fantasy.

      Transparent soliflore decorated with salmon-colored and green sand
    2. Transform your transparent vase into a mini-garden!

      How to set up a terrarium or mini-garden?

      It is true that you may think that it is not easy to create your own terrarium, but think again! Let's see together how to create this decoration by sublimating green plants which lend themselves perfectly to this type of environment.

      To do this you will need:

      Once you have found your vase, you can start filling it with the previously chosen sand. Depending on the size of the vase and the number of plants selected, fill half of it in order to place adromischus, cotyledon, and also succulents as you wish.

      When the plants are arranged, all you have to do is add sand, either using the spoon or using the funnel for more precision in order to cover the clumps.

      To give an additional character to your mini-garden, you can decorate it with colored gravel as well as a few pebbles.

      Little tip : simply spray the cacti with water regularly to maintain your terrarium.

      In no time, an original and creative designer decorative object takes shape before your eyes.

      Hanging ball vase decorate with white sand and shells with green plantsTransparent hanging ball vase decorated with sand and pebbles and lily of the valley
    3. Mediterranean style decorative vase with shells and pebbles

      A decorative “seaside” style vase , thanks to natural sand by adding a few complementary accessories at a lower cost.

      The materials needed for this achievement:

      • A transparent vase for example:
      • Colored or natural sand
      • Medium or small sized shells collected at the seaside during your last vacation or simply buy in stores, bags of around twenty pieces are available
      • Our essential funnel
      • Pebbles or colored gravel (knowing that gravel is larger than sand gives volume to your creation).
      • Dried branches

      Start by choosing your vase, then the color(s) of sand that you like. Once all the materials are on hand, all you have to do is start filling your vase with a first layer of sand using the funnel.

      Then, if you have chosen two colors of sand, you can make overlapping layers. To decorate the whole, slide the shells along and against the wall, continuing to fill to the desired height. This assembly is perfect for elongated transparent vases.

      Little tip : to hold the shells against the wall, insert wooden skewers into the sand.

      If your choice is a round vase, you can carry out the same style of decoration, choosing to alternate the layers of sand.

      All you have to do is place a few shells on the surface, as well as a few pebbles. Add colored gravel to give a volume effect by creating a “dune”.

      Finally, with sand and a few accessories you created a work of art representing the beach by the sea.

      Transparent vase decorated with salmon-colored sand and shells and red coral style branchesTransparent vase decorated with green and white sand and pebbles and branches
    4. A vase decoration with sand and flowers

      For this style of decoration, you will use the same process as described above for the arrangement with sand but adding either natural flowers or artificial flowers.

      For natural flowers : you have the possibility of choosing two different vase sizes , that is to say a smaller vase that you will fill with water and to which you will add your flowers such as Gerbera, Lily, Fressia. You will just have to put it inside the vase of a larger diameter.

      Thanks to the funnel, you will have successive layers of sand of the color of your choice all around the vase filled with water

      Little tip : It is not necessary to fill the vase entirely with water, make sure to immerse the flower stems in approximately 5 cm of water. Check the remaining quantity from time to time to add just enough to preserve your pretty flowers .

      So you have the impression that the flowers are growing in sand, but in the end they are in water. An elegant and sophisticated trompe-oeil that is very simple to make.

      For dried flowers : start by choosing the flowers for your creation. You can opt for Pampas flowers, palm leaves but also dried reeds.

      You can even use semi-everlasting roses or also dried roses. Now arrange them in your elongated transparent vase.

      Once you have arranged your bouquet as best as possible, all you have to do is successively add different layers of white or natural sand, white or colored gravel, but also pebbles in order to clearly dissociate the different materials and heights.

      This creation brings a natural and original style to your interior decoration.

      Transparent vase decorated with purple and white sand and with dried branches and white flowersVase decorate with white and purple sand and dried flowers
    5. A creative vase with sand and fairy lights

      If you want to highlight your “ sand vases ”, in order to create a cocooning decoration or a Christmas decoration , you can use other accessories such as light garlands associated with natural or artificial branches.

      The materials required to make a luminous creative vase:

      • A slender or more flared transparent vase with a height that can vary from 30 to 40 cm
      • A battery-powered light garland of 20, 30 or 50 LEDs (or more) depending on the size of the vase chosen
      • White or colored sand
      • Dried or natural tree branches, cotton stalks
      • Balls of natural or colored twigs or balls of colored wire of small or medium diameter
      • Clear adhesive tape
      • A funnel

      Little tip : if you want to create a decoration for a floor vase, you can choose a greater height of 60 or 80 cm.

      You will start by filling this vase to a height of approximately 10 or 20 cm (depending on the size you have selected) with white sand. Next, put up your light string. To do this, you have the choice between two colors:

      Light garland for vase decoration

      - Warm white gives a yellowish light, which is perfect for a cozy or cocooning atmosphere.
      - Cold white provides a light tending towards blue, which gives it more intensive lighting ideal for highlighting your centerpiece for Christmas.

      On the other hand, nothing prevents you from inverting your lighting to personalize your vase even more. You can combine the two colors to provide a sublime contrast.

      To make it easier for you to install your light garland, you can tape the first LED to the wall of the vase.

      Then, all you have to do is choose your branches which you will first “plant” in the sand and gradually arrange your garland to diffuse the light.

      If you choose twig balls, you have the option of inserting an LED into each ball and gradually filling your vase to the desired height, playing with diameters and colors.

      For this version, nothing stops you from adding a few branches, and that's it. You have just created a chic and majestic transparent vase decoration .

      Elongated vase decorated with sand, shells and a light garland
    6. Bonus: A transparent vase decorated with sand and colored beads

      To create this last decoration idea with sand, you will need:

      It is preferable to have a beautiful structure, to start by filling the vase with the previously chosen sand, you will play again with the different thicknesses and colors.

      Then arrange your pearl necklace in a spiral, remembering to press the pearls against the wall. You can use a second collar is carried out the same method as described previously.

      All that remains is to add successive layers of sand, to finish with pearls delicately placed on the surface, and a scented candle for a subdued light.

      Transparent glass shaped vase decorate with purple sand and a candle

      To conclude, a large transparent glass vase can also accommodate pearly or colored glass beads, rose petals, multi-colored glass beads, ostrich or peacock feathers but also clay beads.

      All these decorative elements are accessible and at a lower cost, all you have to do is choose the ones you like and give free rein to your imagination.

      Please note that transparent vases filled with sand make magnificent original, personalized and unique gifts .

Now that decorating a transparent vase with sand no longer holds any secrets for you. Send us your best photos of your creations!

We will be happy to put them online on our Facebook page to share with the Vase Cute community. Up to you !

To give you an overview and ideas for putting your creativity into practice, here are some creations to discover.

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